Connections is an engrossing puzzle-based game that challenges players to identify groups of items that share a common characteristic or category. Your task is to find these connections while making no more than four mistakes. The groups can revolve around various themes, ranging from fish to fire-related terms, and can be both straightforward and tricky.

How to Play Connections Game

Rules of the Connections Game

  • - Objective: Identify and select four words that share a common theme or connection.
  • - Word Selection: Choose words with at least four letters.
  • - Submission: Tap or Click on the selected words and submit your answer for verification.
  • - Mistakes: Exercise caution, as you are typically allowed a limited number of mistakes (e.g., four) before the game ends.
  • - Daily Puzzles: Every day, new word groups are presented, offering varying levels of difficulty. You can attempt to solve these puzzles on a daily basis.

Step-by-step to play Connections

Step 1: Examine the presented items and identify groups of four that share a common characteristic or category.

Step 2: Once you have identified a group, select the four items and tap 'Submit' to check if your guess is correct.

Step 3: The goal is to find all the groups without exceeding four mistakes.

Additional Help: Remember, the categories will always be more specific than generic terms like "5-letter words" "names," or "verbs." Be prepared for tricky categories! Each identified group is assigned a color, gradually revealed as you progress through the game. The color ranges from straightforward (easily identifiable categories) to tricky (more complex or abstract categories).

Here are a few examples of categories:

Birds: Crane, Jay, Swallows, Turkey.

Zodiac Symbols: Fish, Goat, Scales, Twins


Tips & Tricks for Connections

Read Carefully: Thoroughly read and understand the words given in each puzzle. Pay attention to their meanings.

Identify Patterns: Look for patterns, similarities, or relationships among the words. Consider their categories, contexts, or shared concepts. Identifying patterns will guide you to the common theme.

Learn from Mistakes: If you make a mistake, don't be discouraged. Learn from it and use that knowledge to improve your future attempts.

Practice Regularly: Engage in the game regularly to sharpen your pattern recognition skills and improve your ability to spot connections quickly.

Enjoy the Challenge: Embrace the challenge of uncovering connections and enjoy the process. Celebrate your successes and learn from each puzzle you solve.

By applying these tips, you can enhance your gameplay experience and become a master at finding connections between words in the game. 

Benefits of Playing Connections 

A Quick Brain Workout Session

Did you know that playing Connections Game engages both halves of your brain? The left hemisphere handles analysis and logical thought processes, while the right hemisphere is responsible for creative thinking. Puzzle games like Connections provide an excellent workout for your brain.

Delay Dementia and Alzheimer's with Mental Stimulation

Playing Connections keeps your mind active and healthy, reducing the risk of cognitive decline in old age. Incorporating puzzle games into your daily routine at an early stage can significantly lower the chance of developing these illnesses.

Hone Your Problem-Solving Skills

Connections Game requires you to think strategically and make well-considered word combinations. By doing so, you train yourself to become a strategic and resolute thinker, a skill applicable to various aspects of your life, including the workplace. Make it a habit to play Connections daily!

A Healthy Dose of Dopamine for Your Brain

Puzzle games with elements of challenge and achievement, like Connections, release dopamine in the brain. This chemical not only contributes to feelings of happiness and optimism but also enhances cognitive processes such as memory, learning, concentration, and motivation. The satisfaction you experience after completing each puzzle can be attributed to dopamine.

Expand Your Polysemy Vocabulary

Connections revolves around words with multiple meanings, known as polysemy. Regular gameplay will enhance your proficiency in manipulating words and broaden your vocabulary.

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