In the online game Dragle, participants are given daily challenges to determine the identities of several drag queens. The game gives players hints about the queen's age,...

About Dragle

Users of the online game Dragle are required to guess the identity of a new drag queen every day. The game provides suggestions about the queen's season, age, nation, and drug type; players must use this information to form well-informed conclusions. There is no requirement to download or register in order to play the game; it is free.



How to play Dragle

  • You were able to identify the drag queen after eight trials.
  • A real contender from RuPaul's Drag Race or any of its international variations must be included in each guess. All drag racing queens from across the world are encouraged to apply.
  • Click the "Guess" button after entering your prediction. Depending on the queen you choose, you'll receive indications after each guess about how near you are to the correct response. Based on the time of year, the location, the age, and the kind of drag, you can make an estimate.
  • We'll also provide hints based on the performance of the queen during her season. These indications are numerous and include "Miss Born," "Season Winner," "Game Winners Loot," and "Ball Winner."


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